Malte Knapp's Workshop can offer a try-on circus for everyone from 4 years old and older. You can try unicycle, juggling and tightrope.

We are hired by schools on open-air days, markets, sports associations etc. In particular, we arrange a try-on-circus but, if interested, we also organize "advanced courses" in desired areas.

For corporations and other larger companies, we have a unique team building activity where you set up your own circus performance. After 2-3 hours of activities, you present a complete circus show. You can invite friends or colleagues as audiences, or act for each other

Malte Knapp's Workshop can be conducted in the mall, schools, arenas, theaters or in the circus field. Our concept is thus completely mobile and can be implemented all year round.

Time: from 45 minutes to full day arrangements.
Maximum number of participants: 30.
The workshop can be combined with a final performance.